Ver3 PCB back

Printed Circuit Board  (PCB) for metal detector. Dimensions: 30 x 60 x 1,6 mm.


Price: 8 EUR + shipping


MetaldetectorKIT2107 thumbMetal detector KIT of parts.

Includes PCB and preprogrammed PIC microcontroller. (Starting from 6.08.2017 kits are shipped with newer PIC12F1572 microcontroller.)

List of parts in pdf file: Partslist_KIT.pdf

Price: 27 EUR + shipping



pic12f1840 for metal detector picture

PIC12F1572 microcontroller preprogrammed with metal detector firmware.

Default firmware version shipped at the moment is 2.00. I will test all programmed chips with my test rig before shipping out.

Starting from 6.08.2017 it is PIC12F1572 microcontroller!

Price: 1pcs 5.40 EUR  + shipping



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